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God Will Make a Way – Don Moen worship musical

Don Moen presents worship musical ‘God Will Make A Way’ in the Netherlands.

When you mention Don Moen, you have to mention his songs that are sung in churches around the country week in, week out. The American worship leader has let his heart speak through his music for decades. ‘God Will Make A Way’ became his best known song, giving a voice to thousands proclaiming God’s work in their lives. In April of 2017, Don Moen will return to the Netherlands for two concerts in Rotterdam and Aalsmeerderbrug. He will host ‘God Will Make A Way: A Night Of Worship and Prayer for Holland’, a worship musical that unites, inspires and encourages. It marks the first time it is performed in Holland.

Don Moen’s impact on worship music is undisputed. He has pioneered a movement by letting his songs inspire a generation to praise & worship in a fresh and open way in churches around the world. In Holland, several of his songs were translated for the ‘Opwekking’ hymnal. The concerts he performed here throughout the years proved popular as well. Not just because of his accessible worship music, which is devoid of feverishly high volume or glamour. Don speaks to the heart with his songs, time and time again.

For the past few years, Don Moen has worked on a project that is close to his own heart. The ‘God Will Make A Way’ worship musical points to God as Sovereign over every season and circumstance in our lives. Don has received countless testimonies throughout the years how God has made a way for people. The musical expresses this message of hope with narration and songs selected from his albums ‘God With Us’, ’God In Us’ and ‘God For Us’. As well as other favorites. Don wrote the musical as a testimony and call to the church today, to declare God’s sovereignty across the nations and unite in prayer for our country. ‘God Will Make A Way: A Night Of Worship and Prayer for Holland’ will see him accompanied by an orchestra (Music4Christ) and choir (United4Christ), both directed by Aad Contze.

‘God Will Make A Way: A Night Of Worship and Prayer for Holland’ promises to be an inspiring evening, letting you hear Don Moen’s music as never before!

‘God Will Make A Way: A Night Of Worship and Prayer for Holland’: Don Moen with choir & orchestra

Saturday April 8, 2017

Victory Outreach Rotterdam

Mijnsherenplein 9

3081 CN  Rotterdam


Sunday April 9, 2017

Levend Evangelie Gemeente

Kruisweg 55

1436 CA Aalsmeerderbrug


Concerts start at 20:00 PM.

Tickets start at € 25 and are available at or by phone: (+31) (0)297-237172.

Kind regards,
Valerie Contze